We accept cash in Czk, Euros or Dollars and credits card in our shop. You can also buy tickets on this web-site.

If you cancel more than 25 hours before your tour, you will get you money back. If it is less than 24 hours you will be refunded 80 % of your payment. However if you prepay and do not show up we do not give refunds, we either put you on another tour or you will have to book us again on your next trip.

You can but it is not necessary.

A private tour costs:

3-5 people 1500czk per person.
2 people 2000czk per person.
1 perosn 2500kc per person.

The cost doesn’t change if it is day or night?


Check the weather before you come and dress accordingly, wear proper shoes. We provided helmet and rain coat.

Valid ID and payment method or reserved tour voucher.

We have had as low as 8 years all the way up to 85, it just depends on if you can balance a bike and have enough strength to push the electric assisted pedals. You can always come into the shop and give it a test.

Yes we have safety certified child seat for bikes (Up to 25kg) and your child can come on the tour for free.


Its always better to call or make a reservation online.

Tel: +420-603-993-393 or +420-775-411-417

However we accept walk ins based on availability. We are open from 10am to 2pm in the office unless the tour is already in progress.

We only do tour groups of up to 8 people due to the layout of Prague roads and city paths and to keep our very important personal touch that our guides provide to our clients. However we can do up to groups of 50 but will have to separate them into multiple tours. For large groups always call or e-mail us in advance to organize your tour.


90% of the time YES. If you dress for the weather our guides can take you both in rain or snow. 10% of the time it is just too cold or snowing to hard and you would want to reschedule. We do provide rain coats and can always stop and warm up inside somewhere.