Meet Michal

Languages: Czech and English
Education and Interests: Czech and international Politics and History

I have lived in Prague all my life and attended all my schools in here, kindergarten to college. I studied International Studies at Charles University, and I like to talk about this country’s recent history as well as its present political and social situation.

The beauty of Prague’s architecture has always been my passion, and even after doing this job for a couple years, Prague’s scenery still takes my breath away. What I love the most about giving tours is showing not only the famous places, but also the less well-known, hidden gems of the city. The small size and personal nature of our tours allows me to meet interesting new people and give them hints and tips about what to do and see in Prague,  tailored to their specific preferences.

And our beer is the best in the world!


Meet Katka

Languages: Czech, English, French
Education and Interests: Medical student with interest in history and culture

I love being an e-bike guide in Prague for many reasons; this city provides such a variety of good restaurants, night clubs and beautiful parks that I love recommending people to. This city is also super also very beautiful and romantic at night. I cant wait to share some of Prague best kept secrets with you.


Meet Ellie

Languages: Chinese and English
Education and Interests: Medical student with a back ground in history and world politics.

My name is Wang Yi Lin I love this great city of Prague and am studying international business here. I love Prague because things are so cheap and views are really amazing and the people are warm and friendly. I love E-Bike guiding because I get to show this beautiful city to new people and the history is so deep and beautiful. I cant wait to have a great day with you and show you this amazing city.


Meet Anthony

Languages: Czech, English, French
Education and Interests: History and Culture, Master student at Charles University

I love meeting new people form all over the world. Getting to spend a day with people from somewhere different who are interested about this amazing city is a really amazing to experience.

I love the high views of Prague, they are the best in the world. My favorite place in Prague is Lenta Park and I can’t wait to show you.


Meet Loes

Languages: English, Dutch, Czech
Education and Interests: Masters in Cultural Studies, Bachelor in Music Education

Coming the mother Motherland of Bikes and Epic tour guides this Dutch Native bleeds Prague History!  Educated here in Prague this Bike master will show everything Prague can offer.


Meet Cierra

Languages: English
Education and Interests: Degree in History and sports science

From New Jersey, USA – is a former Michael Jackson Breakdancing Champion and History buff- she knows all the ins and outs of Prague and will always leave you feeling positive after her tours.


Meet Shira

Languages: English
Education and Interests: Degree in Fine arts and design, History Enthusiast

Shira is a multimedia artist from Denver Colorado. She holds a bachelors of fine arts in Communication Design. Shira is beyond a bike enthusiast. She can provide all the answers about alternative Prague.


Meet Ilgım

Languages: English, Turkish
Education and Interests: Masters in Culture and Literature

Works for SAP during the week and kicks ass at Prague By E-Bike on the weekends. She will show you the places to get lost in Prague and also can tell you a thing or two about Puppies.  A Huge culture and history expert Ilgim is one of Prague’s best.