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Communism and World War 2 City Tour

Our Communism and World War 2 Tour (1499czk/55€) is the only tour in Prague with free entrance in to the Museum of Communism included. Relive Prague’s unique and complicated modern history under Fascist Nazi Germany (1938–1945) and Soviet Communism (1948–1989) on this tour. Visit over 30 unique sites, monuments, and more. We will show and educate you on the culture and history of main sites like: Victims of Communism memorial, John Lennon Wall, Kafka Museum, SS Headquarters, Jewish Old Town, Birth Place of the Velvet Revolution, Cyril and Methodius Church (Location of the Film Anthropoid), WWII  bombing locations and much more.

Historical City Tour

Our 3 Hour Historical Tour (1399czk/50€) is the best way to discover Prague and make the most of your visit to this breath-taking Golden City. Our Prague Historical City Tour really brings the city to life. Follow your licensed tour guide around 30 stops, educating yourself on the history of sites like Charles bridge, The Astronomical clock, Old Town Square, Belvedere Summer Palace, Prague Castle, Pertain Hill, The Dancing House, National Theatre, and many more. Explore and Feel Prague’s History through the centuries at its vibrant Historical sites Learn about the cultural and political history of Prague Stop at over

Private Tours: Day or Night

Private tours are best and most personal way to see Prague day or night. A night Private tour not only shows you epic views of Prague at night but is also a more romantic and charming ways to see the city with out all the cars and tourists on the street.  Set up a personal guide and time by calling or emailing for a reservation. You must have a valid passport and credit card for holding deposit. Prices: 1 person: 2 500 czk - 100€ 2 persons: 2 000 czk - 80€ / person 3-5 persons: 1 500 czk -

Rent an E-Bike

Rent our E-Bikes! Combine traditional biking with an added electric motor, making Prague’s hills easy to explore and climb. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, provide a map with bike paths, and self-guided recommendations on biking in Prague.  Our friendly staff will help you with choosing the best bike for you and suggesting a great route. You will cover more ground with less effort! You must have a valid passport and credit card for holding deposit. Prices: 5 hours: 590 czk – 25 Euros 10 Hours: 890 czk – 37 Euros To make a reservation: Please message here: Or call


布拉格電動自行車是在布拉格唯一一家提供私人的中文導遊,將帶您環遊全世界最美麗的城市. 只要傳訊息到 info@praguebyebike.com 或致電+420 603 993 393 與我們聯繫 布拉格電動自行車之旅是探索布拉格的最佳途徑。我們提供環保的電動自行車,讓車友在布拉格的鵝卵石街道旅行順利,並能夠攀升至瞭望點也不會流一滴汗。我們的辦公室靠近查理大橋的坎帕公園,是騎自行車看這個城市最重要古蹟的理想起點。 我們上午和下午的布拉格電動自行車觀光旅遊是由年輕,熱情的導遊所帶領,他們將會帶您們去其他旅遊公司不會去的一些景點。從我們的辦公室,您會騎到查理大橋,過橋遊覽老城廣場和猶太區著名的天文鐘。然後,您的旅遊將通過布拉格老城區的迷人的小巷編織,並沿著伏爾塔瓦河畔的自行車路徑。越過伏爾塔瓦河後,您會從捷克博覽會58館騎到人人喜歡的休閒場所萊特納公園。一旦你在布拉格的制高點照了像後,您的旅行將繼續向上沿著安妮女王夏宮到布拉格城堡。當您牽著自行車走入這迷人的地方時, 您的導遊將會告訴你這件國寶的奇蹟。離開布拉格城堡後,將會抵達佩特任山,從那可看到橫跨布拉格的屋頂和著名地標建築的跳舞的房子和國家大劇院以其壯觀的景色,之後回到我們的辦公室,您的電動自行車布拉格城市之旅將結束。 費用:1499克朗/ 50 歐元 一人 包括:中國導遊,頭盔,小雨外套,一瓶水,和參觀結束後可品嘗捷克啤酒  地圖繪製歷史之旅